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Cattle Drives

Where: A working ranch just west of Steamboat Springs

When: June - September
Tuesday - Saturday
Who: Ages 10 and up

How Much: $100 per person

Untitled document Cattle Drives in Steamboat Springs Colorado

Untitled document Drive Cattle on a real working ranch in Steamboat

This is not your average horseback ride. If you are interested in a unique and more adventuresome ride, try a Steamboat Cattle Drive. On this four hour tour you will move cattle, check them for sickness, oversee the ranch and make sure that everything is running properly. The ranch is family owned and operated for over 100 years and embodies that "old-west" feel that Steamboat Springs is famous for.

Horses for all riding abilities are available. We welcome first time riders or experts and everyone in between.

Cattle Drive Prices
Adults and children 10+ $90

Cattles drives at Saddleback Ranch

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